Compact Laminate

The inventors of laminate, way back in the early 19th century were a thoughtful bunch. Their goal, to create a new way of thinking for the casework industry, was a fanciful idea. The ideal of using something other than wood for furniture hadn’t been fully accepted but they pushed through with the goal of inventing a new material and ways to use it, thus the invention of laminate (and the brands that came along afterwards)


Fast-forward to the 21st century and the needs of businesses, institutions and households have become very different. The wide range of needs for the various aspects of our lives has necessitated the invention of many new types of laminates and the ability of companies to create laminates that feel incredible to the touch, work differently and offer unlimited choices of design.


The New Company is privileged to work with a variety of laminate manufacturers from Europe and the United States and to introduce a new way of working with these laminates. We look forward to your input about these new materials and how to incorporate your ideas into your client’s projects.


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